Breaking Silence Series

Breaking Silence Series
She wept all night,
Putting up with a dramatic fight.
Trapped in a web of words,
Her dreams fell like a pack of cards.
She had wished for a Fairy Tale,
And now nobody’s there to hear her wales.
All those promies so hollow,
And all the hypocrisy to follow.
To which her heart doesn’t give in,
Where she is treated like​ a dustbin.
Why tolerate all the abuse,
Isn’t there a choice to still refuse.
Show some courage and fight back,
Life isn’t a five minute magical hack.
Oh don’t you think of what others would think,
Nobody bothers for anyone in this selfish world,
Seeing your wounds,
Nobody blinks.
So why care for society,
Your courage is but mighty.
Act now when it’s time,
In times of need, nobody lends even a dime.
You are but on your own,
The creator of new life, a new dawn.
…. Shilpi….


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