Copying the Life of Norman

“Copying Norman,

Run down by the emotional van,

I feel nothing more than a empty can.”

Coming down from the office and sitting long in that closed cabinet, I keep staring at the 22 inches computer for hours, and keep googling how life can be interesting. It is the same activity I do mindlessly every other day. Booting the computer, listening to those long boring hum of the keyboard typing, and then passing heavy sighs. The trite is that I am sometimes declared to be nuts, when I try explaining things in my own way. I am wondering whether I have become an empty can, every one wants to kick.

I wish I were a book, to be passed on to different people and to which people become thoughtful towards after reading. It’s like I am copying the life of Norman, where the regularity is killing my creativity. Someone told me lately, that it’s very difficult to work within boundaries. I feel the odd gets cleaned up from within my system and I start feeling light. The psychology is pathetic, just like a time bomb ticking away, and is about to go BOOM”. I need a bomb disposal squad to stop it from bombing. Any suggestions anyone?


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